Biafra Parliament Okays Indigenous Medical Herbs

April 4, 2021

By Mentus Ngwoke, Owerri

During a seating of the second parliamentarian assembly of the Biafra Internal Government at the Biafra seat of power new owerri, Imo state, the House passed a bill on the developmental strategies both in the health and infra structural sectors .

Recall that since after the election of the second assembly of the Biafra house of Parliament, it have adopted and maintained fast ideological approaches towards the actualization of the sovereign State of Biafra .

Honourable Sabastine Uka, the speaker of the Biafran house of Parliament while passing the Bill that was brought to the house which according to him have gone through its readings and normal procedures, assured the house that Biafra will never use foreign doctors nor engineers both in the health and infrastructural sectors ,  stressing that Biafra have the best brains ever on this areas if provided with the adequate materials .

“In Biafra we have more qualified medical doctors and engineers, etc more than any other country in the world and as such must make every possible effort to maintain and use them well “.

Speaking further he said ” We must make sure that our hospitals are of the best standard, operating with the best brains, both kidney transplant and other like diseases that takes our people to overseas for treatment shall be a little or no challenge to the government of Biafra .

” Home made drugs also shall be our priority hence it is from Biafra land that those raw materials are gotten from,” he narrated.

By Biafra Times

Biafra Times Is Indigenous News Site That Promotes The Rich Cultural Heritage Of Igbo, Biafra and Afrikan People and Also Tells The Stories Of Afrikan People.

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