UNPO : Uwazuruike Laments  Attrocities Committed By Buhari’s Govt Against The People Of South East Who Are Predominantly Christians

.. The Killing Of Non-Violent BIM-MASSOB Members

The Biafran leader Barr. (Chief) Dr. Ralph wazuruike has said the injustice against the people of south east who are Biafrans started after the amalgmation  of  northern and southern protectorates in 1914 by lord lugard. 

Uwazuruike spoke on Thursday during the  Unrepresented Nations and people’s organization, UNPO, preparatory conference:  Africa and Middle East Regional forum.

In a statement made available to journalists on Saturday by his Media Assistant, Elder Chris Mocha said 1914 amalgamation caused our problems noting  that  northerners who are mostly Muslims always tended  to dominate and islamize the entire Nigeria moreover the south eastern Nigeria who are  Biafrans and predominantly Christians.

Because of this diversity  in religion and culture, in 1967 there was  this war between Nigeria and Biafra where more than 3 million Biafrans  were killed, Uwazuruike said.

He continued, “After three years the Nigeria – Biafra’ civil war ended and since then, the land  of Biafra has been inundated with all sorts of violence from the Nigerian state 

Just currently, on september 1999 , we started to agitate for Biafra because of the inequality existing in Nigeria and this we adopted the option  of non- violence in other to make sure no body suffers the huge loss to lives that was occassioned by the war of 1967 – 1970.”

Sadly, not withstanding  BIM-MASSOB’s  adoption of non violence in our quest for Biafra’s Independence, our members have been killed by the Nigerian state.

Since the administration of president Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria about 6 years ago, the Myetti Allah which is ranked as the 4th terrorist organizations in the world are occupying our territory, our lands, farms, killing our people and raping our women thereby making it  impossible for our people to go to farm.

Irrespective of these atrocities the armed Fulani herdsmen are committing against the Biafran people , the federal government of Nigeria under Muhammadu Buhari has refused to brand them as terrorists rather the government of Nigeria continued to pander them and to make it look as if the carrying of Ak-47 riffles and killing of people in the Biafra’ territory is l is legalized and legitimized.

” Since the current administration of Muhammadu Buhari, our people can never again go to their farm lands .
The Fulani herdsmen carry sophiscated weapons including Ak-47 guns not only in the bushes but along the streets and waylaying people and kidnapping for ransome while Buhari pretends as if nothing is happening”.

Presently the Inspector General of police (IGP) Alhaji Alkali Usman gave order to his officers and men that the agitators of Biafra’ should be dealt with mercilessly and killed 

. As a result of this order, Biafrans are been hounded day and night by the operatives of Director of security service, DSS.

Currently, the Nigerian president has also deployed the men of DSS to enter public transport vehicles to find out who are in support of Biafra.

Some of these men of DSS will develop discussions on Biafra and whoever soeaks in favour of Biafra they will take such persons to the bush  and  slaughtered  them.

Today the DSS operatives are  going from house to house looking for people  mostly young men and young women of Biafra and killing them and no body speaks for us
This is what we are seeing today.

So  many of the members of BIM-MASSOB are languishing in jail as I speak . This notwithstanding, we are still upholding the doctrine of non violence.

Just recently, all the major pro-Biafra organizations  came together and floated the Defacto Biafra customary government and this government believes in non -violence because we do not want to change our bellief in the peaceful method to achieve our sovereignty.

By Biafra Times

Biafra Times Is Indigenous News Site That Promotes The Rich Cultural Heritage Of Igbo, Biafra and Afrikan People and Also Tells The Stories Of Afrikan People.

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