Biafra: North Can’t Be Fooled Again, Coalition Tells Ohanaeze

June 7, 2021

Biafra: North Can’t Be Fooled Again, Coalition Tells Ohanaeze

Coalition of Northern Group (CNG) has reacted to the recent remark by the Ohanaeze Ndigbo against the Igbo secession bid saying the northern cannot be fooled again.

A statement issued by CNG’s spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, in Abuja yesterday, reminded Ohanaeze and the Igbo that they cannot fool the North anymore.

He said it is no longer in doubt that the current violent agitations and disturbances over Biafra is clearly an agenda with wholesome backing from every component of the Igbo community in Nigeria and in the Diaspora including Ohanaeze.

The CNG said it is hypocritical of Ohanaeze at this point, to attempt to distance itself from the ongoing violence whereas it has been silent on the violence in the South East.

It accused Ohanaeze of “conspiratorially silent when Ahmed Gulak, a prominent northern figure was assassinated on the streets of Imo.”

“Prior to this, hundreds of our people have suffered similar fate in the hands of the increasingly emboldened Igbo terrorists since 2017, though largely deliberately under-reported by the traditionally hostile section of the Southern Nigerian media whose intrinsic bias manifests whenever matters that affect the North are reported or commented on.

“As evidence of an agenda that has its root and pattern in our history, Ohanaeze was also silent in the face of the clear danger and threat against the country posed by the assortment of Igbo armed groups that attack the nation’s security assets and personnel and other democracy structures at will,” it alleges.

By Biafra Times

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