By Emmanuel Nnadi, Owerri

My Obsession and indignation with the Nigerian system stems from the prolonged marginalization of Ndigbo. As a child of nine, I witnessed the civil war and also noted the conditions for the truce which culminated in the return of Ndigbo to Nigerian with the refrain ‘no victor, no vanquished’. Within a short while, however, the intent of our oppressor downed on us.

As a seemingly defeated people, we tried to play the balls as they came, hoping that God would touch the minds of the Nigerian Authorities over our plight. But things got unbelievable when Hausa religious leaders under the aegis of religious fundamentalism would instruct their adherents in their Friday Mosque prayers to have their pound of flesh on Ndigbo to appease God. They believe that such would lead them to heaven. As a resulting, scores of Ndigbo would be massacred in parts of the North and their properties looted and destroyed. This became a recurring occurrence as even the securities sent by the Federal Government often took active part in the exercise. Investigations later revealed that Northern Politicians were privy to the instigation of the Alamajiris who they use to settle scores with whoever they had differences with.
To avoid public resentment, the mangled remains of victims were buried in mass graves under the cover of the night. The few lucky escapees would later be apprehended on the way and the same glory treatment meted out on them. In some cases those who managed to find refuge in Police stations were also killed there as was the case of Gideon Akaluka who was beheaded in Kano Central Police Station.

The security of life and property of Ndigbo in Nigeria was no longer guaranteed. The defeated Igbo elites turned the other side to avoid blackmail as supporters of Igbo.

But someone has to carry the cross; someone has to bear the brunt; someone has to make the sacrifice. I decided to do it, not for any other person but for my children. There lives and properties have to be secure in a country they call their own. The person killed in Kano, Kaduna, Maiduguri, Jos or Sokoto, through organised religious riots could be any body’s child, brother, sister, husband, wife or relative. Life is important and highly cherished. Since Nigeria, after thirty-five years of the civil war could not guarantees the security of lives and properties of Ndigbo, the only available option was Biafra. This I did.

The name Biafra is abhorrent to our oppressors. It is a taboo. It is viewed with jaundiced eyes. ‘Who is the rat talking about Biafra? Ralph who?’ they asked. And before the blink of an eye, various raids ensued. Arrests, detentions and murder of Biafran protagonists commenced. But instead of dousing the agitation, it ignited it. Professor Chinua Achebe told me that one with God is Majority.  I am guided by that dictum. I am not afraid as God has always fought just wars. Ours is a war anchored on non-violence, it is God’s war.

Culled from #IdealBiafraGovernment


Biafra Parliament Okays Indigenous Medical Herbs

April 4, 2021

By Mentus Ngwoke, Owerri

During a seating of the second parliamentarian assembly of the Biafra Internal Government at the Biafra seat of power new owerri, Imo state, the House passed a bill on the developmental strategies both in the health and infra structural sectors .

Recall that since after the election of the second assembly of the Biafra house of Parliament, it have adopted and maintained fast ideological approaches towards the actualization of the sovereign State of Biafra .

Honourable Sabastine Uka, the speaker of the Biafran house of Parliament while passing the Bill that was brought to the house which according to him have gone through its readings and normal procedures, assured the house that Biafra will never use foreign doctors nor engineers both in the health and infrastructural sectors ,  stressing that Biafra have the best brains ever on this areas if provided with the adequate materials .

“In Biafra we have more qualified medical doctors and engineers, etc more than any other country in the world and as such must make every possible effort to maintain and use them well “.

Speaking further he said ” We must make sure that our hospitals are of the best standard, operating with the best brains, both kidney transplant and other like diseases that takes our people to overseas for treatment shall be a little or no challenge to the government of Biafra .

” Home made drugs also shall be our priority hence it is from Biafra land that those raw materials are gotten from,” he narrated.


Uwazuruike launchs Biafra Security Outfit In Owerri

The Newly Non violent BIM-MASSOB security outfit was launched in Owerri on September 26, 2020 by Uwazuruike.

The security outfit paraded during Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Memorial lecture in Owerri on the presence of Iyom Bianca Ojukwu, Dr. Ikedi Ohakim, Regent Ikenna Onyensoh and many other prominent Igbo leaders

BIM-MASSOB Security Outfit


Master Eze Fabian Chiemerie has made Enugu state and entire South East zone proud.

In the search for who would represent Enugu state in the National Academic Competition for all secondary schools in Nigeria that was held in Jos, Plateau state capital, Eze Fabian Chiemerie entered an academic competition at C.I.C Enugu and came  first among the SS2 and SS3 students even though he was still in his SS1. Following this success, he was then selected to represent C.I.C in the Enugu state level among all Secondary Schools in Enugu state. He once again won and came first in Enugu state.

Thereafter, he was then  sent by Enugu state to represent the state among all secondary  schools in the entire South East Zone of Nigeria. Once again, Chiemerie won it and came out first.

The next and final level was to represent the entire South East to compete with other winners from the other regions in Nigeria comprising South West, South South , North Central, North East and North West. This final clash was held in Jos,  Plateau state capital. The occasion was honoured by many including the Plateau state governor.

Chiemrie, in his usual manner, maintained his position and finally came 1st and emerged as the overall best in Nigeria, 2020.

It was celebration and joy all through in Jos especially among his entourage from Enugu state sent to honour the occasion. He was welcomed by the Plateau state Governor who was also present in the final competition.  Eze Fabian is from Nsude in Enugu State.

This child is an exceptional gift to ndi Igbo and he deserves their encouragement to full height.

Congratulations Master Eze Fabian Chiemerie.
Enugu state and entire South Eastern Region are proud of you.


FG Only Hike Fuel Price During Christian Celebrations – Biafra Govt React.

March 13, 2021

Biafra minister for information

By Emmanuel Nnadi, Owerri

The Biafra Minister of Information, Chief Samuel Njoku have frowned at what he described as Injustice against the Christians Populace by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Chief Njoku who wondered why it is  only during the Christian Celebrations that Nigeria State  hikes  the fuel pump price, noted that it is a calculated attempt by the federal government to frustrate christains Which are 85 per cent Biafrans  from traveling home for Easter celebration.

According to Mr. Njoku “Ndigbo have been pushed to the wall in so many occasions and that’s why we have resolved to be on our own.

“Federal government of Nigeria led by Rtd Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is trying to instigate Crisis and unstable society so as to thwart the effort by Biafran Leaders to actualise the sovereign state of Biafra without a gun shot”.

The Biafran Minister reasoned that if it was during the regime of former president Goodluck Jonathan, many people would have been sponsored to hit the streets in protest But wondered why no one have protested.

Njoku who was the Chief Minister of Owerri State before his appointment as the minister for Information, noted that Buhari led Federal Government  are treating Christians as second class citizen but maintained that Biafra will never give up in their pursuit for political and economical independence from Nigeria; stressing that Biafra Sovereignty will correct all the abnormalities, injustice and ill treatment by Nigeria State.

The minister lambasted the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu over his constant insult and abuse against  prominent Igbo leaders especially those who  tries to correct or direct him, including Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, Chief Nnia Nwodo, and many others.

He also told Kanu to heed to the advice of prominent Igbo leaders and stop inciting young youths for Violence against other tribe.

Chief Njoku discribed Nnamdi Kanu as the Judas of Biafra who betrayed his master but urged him to have a rethink and come back to his Master because his master will always forgive and work with him.



By Odogwu Eze Mustang

Where we  raise the kolanut made by God.
They raise the bread made by man. 

Then we declare “He who brings kola brings life”
They too declare “This is the bread of life”.

We offer thanks,
They offer thanks.

We offer wine
They offer wine

Then we bless the congregation
They too bless their congregation

We call on our Ndichie and #worthyAncestors; Okeke,Okafọ, Okonkwo, Okorie, Igbokwe, Odenigbo and Igbokenyi, in “the communion of the living and the dead” to partake in our kola,

They too call their #Ndichie, and  ancestors; St. Peter,St.Cyprian, St. Caro, St. Mark and Kizito to partake in their rite, in “the communion of the living and the dead”

Then we break and eat the concecrated kolanut,

They too  break and eat their consecrated bread.

For this #task we chose our men folk
They too chose their men

A properly consecrated kolanut is the true #HolyCommunion

Yet many of you fail to see that
WE HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE TIME BEGAN! and they can only walk in our shadows!

They took what is ours and made it look like theirs, yet in their envy they call us EVIL,  we who welcomed them into our homes. They #enslaved the #minds of our children and set them against their fathers.

Now our children no longer know who they are; the firstborn creation of Chukwu Okike, a Noble race, Freemen, priests, priestesses, all  have lost their place in the light. 

We descendants of #Ndigboo-the ancients, we are the light of the world.

I bring good news from our ancestors

Our culture
Our Pride

Ndi Igbo bu ndi gboo ( The ancient)

Ozioma Odinana


Biafra: Gender Will Play No Role In Electing Leaders – Justice Amamgbo.

April 3, 2021

By Mentus Ngwoke, Owerri

The Chief Justice of the Biafra Federation, Hon. Justice Calister Amamgbo yesterday while Speaking at event in Onitsha, the commercial Hub of Biafra, noted that in Biafra gender will play no role in Electing or appointing political position.

It is very important to know that women are not Slaves neither are they tools to be used by men, as it is obtained in most African countries, she said.

According to her, she said  “In Biafra as it has been established by the Father of the new Biafra Nation, Chief Dr. Ralph Uwazuruike that women must exercise the same and equal rights in politics with their male counterparts  without any form of discrimination.

“This doesn’t not imply also that women will not be submissive  to their husbands but the fact is that in politics they have to be given the same and an equal opportunity to contest and be appointed into political offices hence they are willing to serve”.

Her Lordship Hon. Calister Amamgbo an indigene of Okija in Ihiala LGA, Anambra State who became the second Chief Justice after taking over from Chief Vincent Ilogbenu in 2020.

Justice Amangbo noted that in Biafra Internal Government, women occupied some vital positions ranging from the Chief Justice of the Federation, Minister for Special Duties and Minister For Health, Parliamentarians, Chief Ministers among others Positions.

Justice Amangbo who is also known and fondly called “Oji-Ugo Nwanyi” by her admirers,  before she was elected last year by the Judicial Commission, was one of the Appeal Court Judge.

She also urge women to get involved in politics and create history, she added.



April 1st, 2021

From Ifeanyi Malacky, Ihiala

Father of the New Biafran Nation, Chief Dr. Ralph Uwazuruike  was handed  leadership position of Ndigbo by  the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu  Ojukwu  on October 29, 2007, as his successor before his demise.

This was disclosed by the Biafra’s Director of Information, Elder Chris Mocha  during an interaction with one of the members of Biafran Elders- In- Council , Chief Joseph Odikpo, in Asaba, the Delta State capital, at the weekend

Mocha who doubles as the Media Assistant to Ralph Uwazuruike stated that Ojukwu , while still alive demonstrated in action, character and utterances that Okenwa (Uwazuruike) had to succeed him  and added that when he was detained in Keffi prison , Nasarrawa  State from Tuesday October 25, 2005 – October 26, 2007 for treason , people had asked, ‘ who would be Ojukwu’s Successor , if they didn’t find him ?

According to him , ” Today I have answered the question .
Ojukwu hugged Uwazuruike for several times and said Okenwa ( Uwazuruike) had wiped out tears of Ndigbo for spending two years in  prison .

Okenwa went to prison for the sake of Ndigbo for about 16 times .

Ojukwu who was at his residence at Isi-Uzo Street Independence layout , Enugu , on Monday 29, October 2007 to receive Chief Ralph Uwazuruike and over 51 thousand MASSOB members  after he was granted a 3 month bail by an Abuja High Court to go and bury his  Mother Ezinne Monica, said Uwazuruike has wiped away  the tears of Ndigbo “

Mocha stated that Uwazuruike was arrested on Tuesday 25, October 2007 by Operatives of Department of State Security Services (SSS) , who disguised as National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members at the Central School field, Okwe in Onu-Imo  LGA of Imo  State.

It would be recalled that the State Security Service ( SSS ) as they were known at that period under the instruction  of the Imo State Director, Mr. Alex O. Amechina  came  to  Okwe  community in  a   litace bus  bearing a registration number DT 638 XA and with  6 occupants.


State Of The Nation: Expect Violent Breakup In Nigeria If…Biafra PM Tells Osibanjo

By Emmanuel Nnadi, Owerri

The Prime Minister of Biafra Internal Government (BIG), otherwise known in Igbo language as “Ojeozi Obodo” His Excellency, Chief Chinedu Amaifeobu has stated that Nigeria is fast approaching to a point of no return.

The Prime Minister stated this in his residence at Ubulu-Ukwu, Delta State, while reacting to a statement credited to the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo and published by  Sahara Reporters.

In the statement Osibanjo was quoted as saying that “Those calling for Nigeria to break up to have a rethink, adding that if Nigeria does break, they may need visas to travel to places like Kano.

Osinbajo said this while delivering his speech virtually at the 12th Bola Tinubu Colloquium in commemoration of Tinubu’s 69th birthday in Kano.

The Vice-President, who was the special guest of honour, said the initial plan was to hold a completely virtual event but Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State offered to host a physical event that would run alongside the virtual one on Zoom.

“For the purveyors of breaking up into small components, into small countries, perhaps they should be reminded that we would not have been able to accept Governor Ganduje’s offer to come to Kano at short notice since we would all have needed visas to come to Kano,” Osinbajo said.

Osinbajo added that Kano was a strategic location because it was the home of radical and progressive ideals.

The Biafra PM noted that all the indigenous people in Nigeria except the Fulanis have rejected the structure and imbalance system of the country, especially  the British led Fulani Federal Government of Nigeria and that’s is why they have opted for their separate Republics.

According to the Ojeozi, he said “the way Major General Muhammadu Buhari handle the issue of Insecurity in Nigeria is worrisome and unacceptable by the indigenous people.

“The statements of Prof. Yemi Osibanjo is a true confirmation that Nigeria have tactically and systematic disintegrate along the ethnic and geopolitical zones.

“If General Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership refuse to do needful now, Nigeria will violently breakup into many Countries at the expense of the ruling class,” noted.