UNPO: It’s Time To Let Biafra Go,BIM-MASSOB Begs Global Body

Amidst Continued Onslaught Against Its Members By Nigeria Security Forces 

May 19, 2021

By Emmanuel Nnadi, Owerri

A call has gone to the Unrepresented Nations and people’s organization, UNPO, to do something urgently to prevail and pressurize the All progressive congress (APC) led Muhammadu Buhari federal government to halt the ongoing victimization, suppression and arrests of the members of BIM-MASSOB.

A statement issued to journalists and signed by the Biafra’s  director of information/ senior special assistant to the president of internal government of Biafra on media and publicit, Elder Chris Mocha said, “the members of BIM-MASSOB are hounded day and night, arrested , tortured and detained on  trump up allegations wthout trial by the repressive regime of president Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria.”

The arrests , detention since March 21,2021 without trial of the members of BIM-MASSOB continued unabated in cross river state, Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi  and Imo states even after it was  explicitly established to the security forces that the arrested members have no link or relationship with the proscribed indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, they have remained in their detention facility till date 

The presidential spokesperson pleaded with the United States and other relevant Western Nations to  take full responsibility of their actions to accord Biafra recognition adding, ” No responsible government will allow her law abiding citizens to be mowed down on daily basis as was the case in nigeria with impunity and no person had been prosecuted.

The statement added that in the last three  months under review, no fewer than nineteen (19) of BIM-MASSOB members have either disappeared or been arrested, tortured and detained incumunicado by the  combined team comprising of soldiers, police, civil defense and the department of state service, DSS.

“The force should be able to distinguish between a non violence group like BIM-MASSOB which deserves a  better deal of respect and honour than other violent agitators like IPOB”

Insistng that the arrested persons including Mr. Ikechukwu Ajah   are innocent members of a peaceful organization, BIM-MASSOB, campaigning for the rescucitation of Biafra through non violence method, it’s time to let Biafra go, he concluded .


Biafra Day:  Why BIM-MASSOB Chose  May 22 – Mocha

Leopard Football Team To Represent Biafra At Zanzibar, Tanzania On August 20th- 31st 

May 18, 2021

By Emmanuel Nnadi, Owerri

The leadership of Biafra Independence Movement/ Movement for actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra’ (BIM-MASSOB) , at the weekend, said it  chose may 22 every year as Biafran Independence Day because the new Biafra is different from the one of 1967-1970.

The  former Biafra led by the military head of state of the defunct Biafra , Gen. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was characterized by violence and led to loss of over 2 million lives of the Biafran people while the new Biafra’ of today is built on non violence with  new method and new idealogy.

BiM -MASSOB stressed that the old Biafra’ ( 1967-1970)  was discontinued after 3 years of a bitter civil war with the rest Nigerians and their Allies while the Biafra of today and which Uwazuruike is the leader is  a continuation of the  former one.

The celebration of new Biafra  Day on  May 22  is  coming at a period  when the leadership of BIM-MASSOB planned to also celebrate Uwazuruike’s laudadle achievements at home to mark the 20th anniversary of the hoisting of the new Biafra flag at Aba, Abia state, on May 22, 2000.

Uwazuruike who’s the arrow head of the emancipacition struggle to free the people of former eastern region from their political bondage in Nigeria through non violence method had been detained several times by the Nigerian authorities , sometimes without trial .

A statement signed by the movement’s Director of information and Senior Special Assistant to the president on media and publicity, Elder Chris Mocha listed some numerous achievements recorded by Uwazuruike’s BIM- MASSOB to include but not limited to 20 years of uninterrupted  non – violence programme and activities in our quest for the Independence of Biafra’;

The  relocation of Biafran war veteran soldiers from Ugwuoba in Oji river local government area of Enugu state to Okwe ,where they ‘re currently being accommodated in the houses built for them.
They’ve been placed on a monthly stipends since 2012.

Other remarkable achievements by BIM-MASSOB are the  setting up of Biafra Internal  government at home;

 The completion of Ojukwu memorial  library, Owerri;

The building of fm radio station;

The construction of secretariats at various senatorial zones in Biafraland; 

The ongoing construction of world class Homeland University ;

The ongoing construction of University Teaching hospital;

And the Homeland International stadium at Okwe in Onuimo council area of Imo state .

Going down memory lane, Mocha explained that , at the international level, BIM-MASSOB had secured the admission of Biafra’ as the 46th member Nation of the Unrepresented Nations and people’s organization (UNPO);

The setting up of Voice of Biafra international ( VOBI) rado station itransmitting from Germany;

It’s worthy to mention that Biafran Leopard national team will represent Biafra’ to participate in the upcoming international football matches at Zanzibar, Tanzania,which kicks off from the 20th of August to 31st 2021.
BIM-MASSOB has  spent millions of naira to ensure the successful movement of the national players to Zanzibar;

As we celebrate Biafra Day on May 22, we make bold to state here without mincing word that our call and resolve to free our people from being treated as second class citizens in Nigeria is  not negotiable.


Owerri Jailbreak: Bad System Brought Bad People In Nigeria – Uwazuruike Reveals

April 7, 2021

Ngwoke Mentus, Owerri

The Father of Biafra Nation and the Founder and leader of the Biafra Independence Movement and Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (BIM-MASSOB), Chief Dr. Ralph Uwazuruike has condemned the poor operative nature of the Nigeria security agencies.

Calls for the immediate resignation of the IGP for his incompetence and un professionalism.

During a live interview with BBC Igbo, the Ijele Ndi Igbo stood his ground to challenge the Nigerian authorities  for being tribal in dispensing their works which contributed to the failure of the Government over everything .

“Have the federal government investigated the killing of our people and burning their houses in Ebonyi state by the Fulani hersmen?  They’re so quick to investigate the prison break here in Imo state  because that is where the government keeps innocent Igbo citizens that did nothing in other to collect money from them to worsen the situation while the investigation is still going on the IGP came out and declare that it was IPOB that did it”.

Stressing further, he asked “how many Fulani hersmen or Boko Haram are in prison both here in Southeast or in Nigeria at large since they started killing people?
“The government only arrests them to share them money  because their brothers are in power”.

The Eze Igbo Gburugburu who was bittered  over the injustice suffered by the Igbo tribe in the country lamented that it was the bad system of government that brought bad people, ” how can Buhari be on sick bed in London and be giving orders here in Nigeria.

“A situation where all the service Chiefs in a country came from one tribe which is Fulani who dose not know anything about security which have rendered them unresponsive”.

“Is it an abomination for Buhari to build a good hospital in Nigeria that will be taking care of his ill health?  How many other leaders in the world  travels out of their country for medical treatments, he queries?

“Have you seen any prison in Nigeria where cattle rearers are detained, I will not condemn anybody for burning down police station because  Buhari never condemned his own people and it is as a result of the irresponsible nature of the government” he frowned .



By Emmanuel Nnadi, Owerri

My Obsession and indignation with the Nigerian system stems from the prolonged marginalization of Ndigbo. As a child of nine, I witnessed the civil war and also noted the conditions for the truce which culminated in the return of Ndigbo to Nigerian with the refrain ‘no victor, no vanquished’. Within a short while, however, the intent of our oppressor downed on us.

As a seemingly defeated people, we tried to play the balls as they came, hoping that God would touch the minds of the Nigerian Authorities over our plight. But things got unbelievable when Hausa religious leaders under the aegis of religious fundamentalism would instruct their adherents in their Friday Mosque prayers to have their pound of flesh on Ndigbo to appease God. They believe that such would lead them to heaven. As a resulting, scores of Ndigbo would be massacred in parts of the North and their properties looted and destroyed. This became a recurring occurrence as even the securities sent by the Federal Government often took active part in the exercise. Investigations later revealed that Northern Politicians were privy to the instigation of the Alamajiris who they use to settle scores with whoever they had differences with.
To avoid public resentment, the mangled remains of victims were buried in mass graves under the cover of the night. The few lucky escapees would later be apprehended on the way and the same glory treatment meted out on them. In some cases those who managed to find refuge in Police stations were also killed there as was the case of Gideon Akaluka who was beheaded in Kano Central Police Station.

The security of life and property of Ndigbo in Nigeria was no longer guaranteed. The defeated Igbo elites turned the other side to avoid blackmail as supporters of Igbo.

But someone has to carry the cross; someone has to bear the brunt; someone has to make the sacrifice. I decided to do it, not for any other person but for my children. There lives and properties have to be secure in a country they call their own. The person killed in Kano, Kaduna, Maiduguri, Jos or Sokoto, through organised religious riots could be any body’s child, brother, sister, husband, wife or relative. Life is important and highly cherished. Since Nigeria, after thirty-five years of the civil war could not guarantees the security of lives and properties of Ndigbo, the only available option was Biafra. This I did.

The name Biafra is abhorrent to our oppressors. It is a taboo. It is viewed with jaundiced eyes. ‘Who is the rat talking about Biafra? Ralph who?’ they asked. And before the blink of an eye, various raids ensued. Arrests, detentions and murder of Biafran protagonists commenced. But instead of dousing the agitation, it ignited it. Professor Chinua Achebe told me that one with God is Majority.  I am guided by that dictum. I am not afraid as God has always fought just wars. Ours is a war anchored on non-violence, it is God’s war.

Culled from #IdealBiafraGovernment


Uwazuruike launchs Biafra Security Outfit In Owerri

The Newly Non violent BIM-MASSOB security outfit was launched in Owerri on September 26, 2020 by Uwazuruike.

The security outfit paraded during Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Memorial lecture in Owerri on the presence of Iyom Bianca Ojukwu, Dr. Ikedi Ohakim, Regent Ikenna Onyensoh and many other prominent Igbo leaders

BIM-MASSOB Security Outfit