Government Will Call For Negotiations If Oil Is Stop From Flowing – Uwazuruike

As He Speaks About Ikonso’s Death, IPOB and Ebubeagu

April 27, 2021

Ralph Uwazuruike

By Mentus Ngwoke, Owerri

The Founder and the leader of Biafra Independence Movement and Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (BIM-MASSOB), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, has condemned the killing of Ikonso the commander of Eastern Security Network (ESN). However, having said that, he pointed out that the strategy used by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in pursuit of their goals is wrong and will only lead to more death. He said that on Monday during an interview with BBC News Igbo.

On the killing of Ikonso, Uwazuruike said: “I am saying sorry to IPOB for the loss of one of their members. It is a human that died and we are one as we are all seeking for the freedom of Biafra. We are all seeking for the same thing so it touches us when one of us is killed despite being in different groups”.

Speaking further Uwazuruike said he served the late General Odumegwu-Ojukwu for 10 years before he started MASSOB and he learnt a lot during his time with the former leader of Eastern region. He said Ojukwu told him Biafra can never be achieved through violence and that is where IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is getting it wrong.

“Nnamdi Kanu lacks that experience which I got while serving Ojukwu. A sovereign state is too much, this is not what you can achieve through force, they know all you are doing,” said Uwazuruike.

He added: “The security agencies know where to find MASSOB members, they know where to locate IPOB members. They know where Nnamdi Kanu is sleeping today, they know who is cooking for him. If they want you dead they will kill you immediately, but they don’t do that.”

He said the security agents arrest and lock up activists from time to time and could easily add what will kill them in the next five or six years to the food they serve them but they don’t do that.

“The State don’t come out to kill an activists maybe because of international protocols. But we come out to say we are hiding, we are protecting ourselves, we have security. If they (The State) want your security to kill you, your security will kill you,” he said.

He said the only way to get the government to come to the negotiation table is by stopping the flow of crude oil from the Niger Delta. “Even if you get Biafra by pointing gun at people the international community will not recognise you,” he added.

Speaking about Ebubeagu, he said the South East governors got it wrong when they said Ebubeagu will work in collaboration with the police. Explaining what he meant, he said members of the security outfit are supposed to be only Igbos whose job will be to go into the bushes and forests to arrest criminals with AK-47 and hand them over to the police because they have no power to prosecute.

According to him, people will not have confidence in Ebubeagu if members of the police who are from different tribes are part of the security outfit. He added that people will think they are killer herdsmen in police uniforms when they see them in the bush and they can’t communicate with Igbo language.

Source: BBC News Igbo

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Biafra Parliament Okays Indigenous Medical Herbs

April 4, 2021

By Mentus Ngwoke, Owerri

During a seating of the second parliamentarian assembly of the Biafra Internal Government at the Biafra seat of power new owerri, Imo state, the House passed a bill on the developmental strategies both in the health and infra structural sectors .

Recall that since after the election of the second assembly of the Biafra house of Parliament, it have adopted and maintained fast ideological approaches towards the actualization of the sovereign State of Biafra .

Honourable Sabastine Uka, the speaker of the Biafran house of Parliament while passing the Bill that was brought to the house which according to him have gone through its readings and normal procedures, assured the house that Biafra will never use foreign doctors nor engineers both in the health and infrastructural sectors ,  stressing that Biafra have the best brains ever on this areas if provided with the adequate materials .

“In Biafra we have more qualified medical doctors and engineers, etc more than any other country in the world and as such must make every possible effort to maintain and use them well “.

Speaking further he said ” We must make sure that our hospitals are of the best standard, operating with the best brains, both kidney transplant and other like diseases that takes our people to overseas for treatment shall be a little or no challenge to the government of Biafra .

” Home made drugs also shall be our priority hence it is from Biafra land that those raw materials are gotten from,” he narrated.


Biafra: Gender Will Play No Role In Electing Leaders – Justice Amamgbo.

April 3, 2021

By Mentus Ngwoke, Owerri

The Chief Justice of the Biafra Federation, Hon. Justice Calister Amamgbo yesterday while Speaking at event in Onitsha, the commercial Hub of Biafra, noted that in Biafra gender will play no role in Electing or appointing political position.

It is very important to know that women are not Slaves neither are they tools to be used by men, as it is obtained in most African countries, she said.

According to her, she said  “In Biafra as it has been established by the Father of the new Biafra Nation, Chief Dr. Ralph Uwazuruike that women must exercise the same and equal rights in politics with their male counterparts  without any form of discrimination.

“This doesn’t not imply also that women will not be submissive  to their husbands but the fact is that in politics they have to be given the same and an equal opportunity to contest and be appointed into political offices hence they are willing to serve”.

Her Lordship Hon. Calister Amamgbo an indigene of Okija in Ihiala LGA, Anambra State who became the second Chief Justice after taking over from Chief Vincent Ilogbenu in 2020.

Justice Amangbo noted that in Biafra Internal Government, women occupied some vital positions ranging from the Chief Justice of the Federation, Minister for Special Duties and Minister For Health, Parliamentarians, Chief Ministers among others Positions.

Justice Amangbo who is also known and fondly called “Oji-Ugo Nwanyi” by her admirers,  before she was elected last year by the Judicial Commission, was one of the Appeal Court Judge.

She also urge women to get involved in politics and create history, she added.